Robust Bi-Tempered Logistic Loss Based on Bregman Divergences

Ehsan Amid
Manfred K. Warmuth
Rohan Anil
Thirty-Third Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)(2019)


We introduce a temperature into the exponential function and replace the softmax output layer of neural nets by a high temperature generalization. Similarly, the logarithm in the log loss we use for training is replaced by a low temperature logarithm. By tuning the two temperatures we create loss functions that are non-convex already in the single layer case. When replacing the last layer of the neural nets by our bi-temperature generalization of logistic loss, the training becomes more robust to noise. We visualize the effect of tuning the two temperatures in a simple setting and show the efficacy of our method on large data sets. Our methodology is based on Bregman divergences and is superior to a related two-temperature method using the Tsallis divergence.

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