RFC 8374 - BGPsec Design Choices

Chris Morrow
Warren Kumari
Rob Austein
Steven Bellovin
Russ Housley
Stephen Kent
Matt Lepinski
Kotikalapudi Sriram
Request for Comments, RFC Editor(2018), pp. 50


This document captures the design rationale of the initial draft version of what became RFC 8205 (the BGPsec protocol specification). The designers needed to balance many competing factors, and this document lists the decisions that were made in favor of or against each design choice. This document also presents brief summaries of the arguments that aided the decision process. Where appropriate, this document also provides brief notes on design decisions that changed as the specification was reviewed and updated by the IETF SIDR Working Group and that resulted in RFC 8205. These notes highlight the differences and provide pointers to details and rationale regarding those design changes.