Perceptual Video Super Resolution with Enhanced Temporal Consistency

Eduardo Pérez-Pellitero
Michael Hirsch
Bernhard Schölkopf
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) Workshop Perceptual Image Restoration and Manipulation (PIRM)(2018)


With the advent of perceptual loss functions, new possibilities in super-resolution have emerged, and we currently have models that successfully generate near-photorealistic high-resolution images from their low-resolution observations. Up to now, however, such approaches have been exclusively limited to single image super-resolution. The application of perceptual loss functions on video processing still entails several challenges, mostly related to the lack of temporal consistency of the generated images, i.e., flickering artifacts. In this work, we present a novel adversarial recurrent network for video upscaling that is able to produce realistic textures in a temporally consistent way. The proposed architecture naturally leverages information from previous frames due to its recurrent architecture, i.e. the input to the generator is composed of the low-resolution image and, additionally, the warped output of the network at the previous step. Together with a video discriminator, we also propose additional loss functions to further reinforce temporal consistency in the generated sequences. The experimental validation of our algorithm shows the effectiveness of our approach which obtains images with high perceptual quality and improved temporal consistency.

Research Areas