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One-shot conditional audio filtering of arbitrary sounds

Dominik Roblek
2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, IEEE (to appear)


We consider the problem of separating a particular sound source from a single-channel mixture, based on only a short sample of the target source. Using \tuneenv, a waveform-to-waveform neural network architecture, we are able to train a model in an entirely unsupervised way. Using a sound source encoder model which is learned jointly with the source separation network, the trained model can be ``configured'' to filter arbitrary sound sources, even ones that it has not seen during training. Evaluated on the FSD50k dataset, our model obtains an SI-SDR improvement of 9.6 dB, for mixtures of two sounds. When trained on Librispeech, our model achieves an SI-SDR improvement of 12.3 dB when separating one voice from a mixture of two speakers. Moreover, we show that the representation learned by the sound source encoder clusters acoustically similar sounds together in the embedding space, even if it is trained without using any labels.