On the move: Mixed methods for research in Mobile HCI

Victoria Schwanda Sosik
Phil Adams
Robert Beaton
Rebecca Gulotta
Rob Schill
2016 SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2016)(2016) (to appear)
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Mixed methods are commonly used within HCI, reflecting the field's many contributing disciplines. While there is a rich literature on mixed methodology in the social sciences, particularly education, health, and evaluation, HCI researchers have engaged little with this literature or its resulting frameworks for mixed methods research design. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers in industry and academia who practice mixed methods for mobile technology design in order to formalize the processes that we have used with success, to document our challenges, and to make recommendations for designing mixed methods research in the subdiscipline. We will accomplish these goals with a number of hands on activities designed to share participants’ individual expertise, challenge pre-conceived notions, and later converge on a set of frameworks.