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Monte-Carlo Localization on Metal Plates Based on Ultrasonic Guided Waves

Othmane-Latif Ouabi
Pascal Pomarede
Matthieu Geist
Nico F. Declercq
Cédric Pradalier
International Symposium on Experimental Robotics (ISER) (2020)
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In this work, we propose a method based on a particle filter for the localization of an industrial robot on a large metal structure that leverages first-order reflections of acoustic waves on metal plate's edges. In our approach, the acoustic measurements are acquired in a (pseudo) pulse-echo mode using a co-localized emitter/receiver pair of piezoelectric transducers. The acquisition of data is done manually but it is aimed to be performed by a robot in the future. A known size of the metal plate is assumed.

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