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Mobile Crowdsourcing in the Wild: Challenges from a Global Community

Anurag Batra
Maxwell Douglas Hsu
MobileHCI 2018: The 20th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, ACM Press (2018)
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Recent research has been devoted to mobile applications that encourage users to complete microtasks in various context, known as "mobile crowdsourcing." In this case study, we present our ongoing effort of a publicly-available mobile application, Crowdsource, that has over 540,000 global users from 200 countries or regions. Over 15 million sessions have been performed since the first launch in August 2016. We analyze 337 responses from our active users across 27 countries and validate the feedback with a set of usability studies. Our findings suggest design considerations for crowdsourcing microtasks with mobile users at the global scale.