Managing Crowdsourced Human Computation

Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis
Praveen K. Paritosh
20th International World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2011
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The tutorial covers an emerging topic of wide interest: Crowdsourcing. Specifically, we cover areas of crowdsourcing related to managing structured and unstructured data in a web-related content. Many researchers and practitioners today see the great opportunity that becomes available through easily-available crowdsourcing platforms. However, most newcomers face the same questions: How can we manage the (noisy) crowds to generate high quality output? How to estimate the quality of the contributors? How can we best structure the tasks? How can we get results in small amounts of time and minimizing the necessary resources? How to setup the incentives? How should such crowdsourcing markets be setup? Their presented material will cover topics from a variety of fields, including computer science, statistics, economics, and psychology. Furthermore, the material will include real-life examples and case studies from years of experience in running and managing crowdsourcing applications in business settings. The tutorial presenters have an extensive academic and systems building experience and will provide the audience with data sets that can be used for hands-on tasks.