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Inferring Semantic Layout for Text-to-Image Synthesis

Seunghoon Hong
Dingdong Yang
Jongwook Choi
Honglak Lee
CVPR (2018)


We propose a novel hierarchical approach for text-toimage synthesis by inferring semantic layout. Instead of learning a direct mapping from text to image, our algorithm decomposes the generation process into multiple steps, in which it first constructs a semantic layout from the text by the layout generator and converts the layout to an image by the image generator. The proposed layout generator progressively constructs a semantic layout in a coarse-to-fine manner by generating object bounding boxes and refining each box by estimating object shapes inside the box. The image generator synthesizes an image conditioned on the inferred semantic layout, which provides a useful semantic structure of an image matching with the text description. Our model not only generates semantically more meaningful images, but also allows automatic annotation of generated images and user-controlled generation process by modifying the generated scene layout. We demonstrate the capability of the proposed model on challenging MS-COCO dataset and show that the model can substantially improve the image quality, interpretability of output and semantic alignment to input text over existing approaches.