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HGaze Typing: Head-Gesture Assisted Gaze Typing

Jiangnan Zou
Andrew Kurauchi
Carlos H Morimoto
Margrit Betke
The 13th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA2021)


This paper introduces a bi-modal typing interface, HGaze Typing, which combines the simplicity and accuracy of head gestures with the speed of word typing by gaze swiping to provide efficient and comfortable dwell-free text entry. HGaze Typing uses gaze path information to compute candidate words and allows explicit activation of common text entry commands, such as selection, deletion, and revision by using head gestures (nodding, shaking, and tilting). By adding a head-based input channel, HGaze Typing reduces the size of the screen regions for cancel and deletion buttons, and the word candidate list, which are required by most eye-typing interfaces. A lab study finds HGaze Typing outperforms a dwell-time-based virtual keyboard in efficacy and user satisfaction. These results demonstrate that our method of integrating gaze and head-movement inputs can be an effective text entry method and is robust to unintended selections.