Google Tech Exchange: An Industry-Academic Partnership That Prepares Black and Latinx Undergraduates for High-Tech Careers

Alycia Onowho
Ann Gates
April Alvarez
Bianca Francesca Okafor
Gloria Washingon
Harry Keeling
Jean M Griffin
Legand Burge
Mary Jo Madda
Sally Goldman
Shameeka Scott Emanuel
Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges - Southwest(2020), pp. 6-8
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This paper describes Google Tech Exchange, an industry-academic partnership that involves several Historically Black Colleges and HispanicServing Institutions.Tech Exchange’s mission is to unlock opportunities in the tech industry for Black and Latinx undergraduates. It is an immersive computer science experience for students and faculty. Participants spend a semester or two at Google in Silicon Valley taking or co-teaching computer science courses, including cutting-edge ones not offered at many universities. The 2018-2019 graduates especially valued the community-building, and a high percentage secured technical internships or jobs.

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