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Free-Viewpoint Facial Re-Enactment from a Casual Capture

Srinivas Rao
Rodrigo Ortiz-Cayon
Matteo Munaro
Aidas Liaudanskas
Krunal Chande
Tobias Bertel
Christian Richardt
Alexander JB Trevor
Stefan Holzer
SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Posters, Association for Computing Machinery, Virtual Event, Republic of Korea


We propose a system for free-viewpoint facial re-enactment from a casual video capture of a target subject. Our system can render and re-enact the subject consistently in all the captured views. Furthermore, our system also enables interactive free-viewpoint facial re-enactment of the target from novel views. The re-enactment of the target subject is driven by an expression sequence of a source subject, which is captured using a custom app running on an iPhone X. Our system handles large pose variations in the target subject while keeping the re-enactment consistent. We demonstrate the efficacy of our system by showing various applications.

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