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Evaluating Computer Science Professional Development Models and Educator Outcomes to Ensure Equity

Jason Ravitz
Juliane Blazevski
RESPECT 2018 (2018)


Google’s CS4HS is an annual funding program for education nonprofits who design and deliver Computer Science (CS) professional development (PD) to educators in their local community. As CS education is an emerging field, many education stakeholders can be ill-equipped to identify CS PD needs, evaluate options, and assess educator and student outcomes. As a result educators may participate in CS PD that fails to address their needs, which worsens equity gaps in CS education. Therefore, models of evaluating CS PD programs and outcomes are critical to equitable CS education. This paper provides an update on earlier research findings from 2014 with data from the 2015 and 2016 cycles, as well as updates to our evaluation measures and methodology.

Research Areas