Emerging Trends in Soybean Industry

Soybean Research, Soybean Research 15(1): 01-17 (2017)(2017), Not sure


Soybean is the most globalized, traded and processed crop commodity. USA, Argentina and Brazil continue to be the top three producers and exporters of soybean and soymeal. Indian soy-industry has also made a mark in the national and global arena. While soymeal, soyoil, lecithin and soy-derivatives stand to be driven up by commerce, the soyfoods for human health and nutrition need to be further promoted. The changing habitat of commerce in soy-derivatives necessitates a shift in strategy, technological tools and policy environment to make Indian soybean industry continue to thrive in the new industrial era. Terms of trade for soy-farming and soy-industry could be further improved. Present trends, volatilities, slowdowns, challenges faced and associated desiderata are accordingly spelt out in the present article.

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