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Diagnosing Automatic Whitelisting for Dynamic Remarketing Ads Using Hybrid ASP

Jeffrey Remmel
Francesco Calimeri, Giovambattista Ianni, Miroslaw Truszczynski. Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, 13th International Conference, LPNMR 2015, Lexington, September 27-30, 2015. Proceedings., Springer International Publishing AG, Gewerbestrasse 11, CH-6330 Cham (ZG), Switzerland, t.b.d.


Hybrid ASP (H-ASP) is an extension of ASP that allows users to combine ASP type rules and numerical algorithms. Dynamic Remarketing Ads is Google’s platform for serving customized ads based on past interactions with a user. In this paper we will describe the use of H-ASP to diagnose failures of the automatic whitelisting system for Dynamic Remarketing Ads. We will show that the diagnosing task is an instance of a computational pattern that we call the Branching Computational Pattern (BCP). We will then describe a Python H-ASP library (H-ASP PL) that allows to perform computations using a BCP, and we will describe a H-ASP PL program that solves the diagnosing problem.