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Designing Responsible AI: Adaptations of UX Practice to Meet Responsible AI Challenges

Qiaosi Wang
Michael Adam Madaio
Shivani Kapania
Lauren Wilcox
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (ACM CHI) 2023, ACM (2023)


The shift towards Responsible AI (RAI) in the tech industry necessitates new practices and adaptations to roles. To understand practices at the intersection of user experience (UX) and RAI, we conducted an interview study with industrial UX practitioners and RAI subject matter experts, both of whom are actively involved in addressing RAI concerns, both early in and throughout the development of new AI-based prototypes, demos, and products. Many of the specific practices and their associated challenges have yet to be surfaced, and distilling them offers a critical view into how practitioners' roles are adapting to meet present-day RAI challenges. We present and discuss three emerging practices in which RAI is being enacted and reified in UX work. We conclude by arguing that the emerging practices, goals, and types of expertise that surfaced in our study point to an evolution in praxis that suggests important areas for further research in HCI.