Description and Discussion on DCASE 2023 Challenge Task 2: First-shot Unsupervised Anomalous Sound Detection for Machine Condition Monitoring

Kota Dohi
Keisuke Imoto
Noboru Harada
Daisuke Niizumi
Tomoya Nishida
Harsh Purohit
Ryo Tanabe
Takashi Endo
Yohei Kawaguchi
DCASE 2023(2023) (to appear)


We present the task description of the Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events (DCASE) 2023 Challenge Task 2: "First-shot unsupervised anomalous sound detection (ASD) for machine condition monitoring". The main goal is to enable rapid deployment of ASD systems for new kinds of machines using only a few normal samples, without the need for hyperparameter tuning. In the past ASD tasks, developed methods tuned hyperparameters for each machine type, as the development and evaluation datasets had the same machine types. However, collecting normal and anomalous data as the development dataset can be infeasible in practice. In 2023 Task 2, we focus on solving first-shot problem, which is the challenge of training a model on a few machines of a completely novel machine type. Specifically, (i) each machine type has only one section, and (ii) machine types in the development and evaluation datasets are completely different. We will add challenge results and analysis of the submissions after the challenge submission deadline.

Research Areas