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Deep Learning Models for Predicting Wildfires from Historical Remote-Sensing Data

Fantine Huot
R. Lily Hu
Matthias Ihme
John Burge
Jason J. Hickey
Yi-fan Chen
John Roberts Anderson
NeurIPS Artificial Intelligence for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Workshop (2020)


Identifying regions that have high likelihood for wildfires is a key component of land and forestry management and disaster preparedness. We create a data set by aggregating nearly a decade of remote-sensing data and historical fire records to predict wildfires. This prediction problem is framed as three machine learning tasks. Results are compared and analyzed for four different deep learning models to estimate wildfire likelihood. The results demonstrate that deep learning models can successfully identify areas of high fire likelihood using aggregated data about vegetation, weather, and topography with an AUC of 83%.