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Conversational Music Retrieval with Synthetic Data

Megan Eileen Leszczynski
Ravi Ganti
Shu Zhang
Krisztian Balog
Filip Radlinski
Arun Tejasvi Chaganty
Second Workshop on Interactive Learning for Natural Language Processing at NeurIPS 2022


Users looking for recommendations often wish to improve suggestions through broad natural language feedback (e.g., “How about something more upbeat?”). However, building such conversational retrieval systems requires conversational data with rich user utterances paired with slates of items that cover a diverse range of preferences. This is challenging to collect scalably using conventional methods like crowd-sourcing. We address this problem with a new technique to synthesize high-quality dialog data by transforming the domain expertise encoded in curated item collections into corresponding item-seeking conversations. The method first generates a sequence of hypothetical slates returned by a system, and then uses a language model to introduce corresponding user utterances. We apply the approach on a dataset of curated music playlists to generate 10k diverse music-seeking conversations. A qualitative human evaluation shows that a majority of these conversations express believable sequences of slates and include user utterances that faithfully express preferences for them. When used to train a conversational retrieval model, the synthetic data yields up to a 23% relative gain on standard retrieval metrics compared to baselines trained on non-conversational and conversational datasets.