Context Sensitive Paste

Dean Jackson
Prior Art Database, IP.COM LLC(2014)


A paste system can be used to generate hypertext based on determining context of a paste command. The paste system receives a selection of certain text in a document. The paste system then receives a paste command from a user of the paste system. The paste command can include data temporarily stored in memory, e.g., stored in a clipboard. The data can be stored as a result of a past copy command from the user. For example, the data can be a URL of a website. The paste system analyzes the data and determines if the data includes a URL. The system does this by, e.g., recognizing if the data includes “http” and/or “www”. If the system recognizes the data as URL, then the system generates hypertext from a combination of the selection of the text and the data. The user can then click on the generated hypertext and the hypertext system will automatically direct the user to the website identified by the URL.