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Building Stereotype Repositories with Complementary Approaches

Akshita Jha
Jaya Goyal
Dinesh Tewari
C3NLP workshop at EACL 2023 (2023)


Measurements of fairness in NLP have been critiqued for lacking concrete definitions of biases or harms measured, and for perpetuating a singular, Western narrative of fairness globally. To combat some of these pivotal issues, methods for curating datasets and benchmarks that target specific harms are rapidly emerging. However, these methods still face the significant challenge of achieving coverage over global cultures and perspectives at scale. To address this, in this paper, we highlight the utility and importance of complementary approaches in these curation strategies, which leverage both community engagement as well as large generative models. We specifically target the harm of stereotyping and demonstrate a pathway to build a benchmark that covers stereotypes about diverse, and intersectional identities.