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Balancing Privacy and Serendipity in CyberSpace

M. Satyanarayanan
Nigel Davies
International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications (ACM HotMobile), http://www.hotmobile.org/2022/ (2022)
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Unplanned encounters or casual collisions between colleagues have long been recognized as catalysts for creativity and innovation. The absence of such encounters has been a negative side effect of COVID-enforced remote work. However, there have also been positive side effects such as less time lost to commutes, lower carbon footprints, and improved work-life balance. This vision paper explores how serendipity for remote workers can be created by leveraging IoT technologies, edge computing, high-resolution video, network protocols for live interaction, and video/audio denaturing. We reflect on the privacy issues that technology-mediated serendipity raises and sketch a path towards honoring diverse privacy preferences.