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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Perspective from Google

Lily Peng
Lisa Lehmann
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Elsevier (2024)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds the promise of transforming healthcare by improving patient outcomes, increasing accessibility and efficiency, and decreasing the cost of care. Realizing this vision of a healthier world for everyone everywhere requires partnerships and trust between healthcare systems, clinicians, payers, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and governments to drive innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence to patients. Google is one example of a technology company that is partnering with healthcare systems, clinicians, and researchers to develop technology solutions that will directly improve the lives of patients. In this chapter we share landmark trials of the use of AI in healthcare. We also describe the application of our novel system of organizing information to unify data in electronic health records (EHRs) and bring an integrated view of patient records to clinicians. We discuss our consumer focused innovation in dermatology to help guide search journeys for personalized information about skin conditions. Finally, we share a perspective on how to embed ethics and a concern for all patients into the development of AI.