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Adaptation Based on Generalized Discrepancy

Andrés Muñoz Medina
Journal of Machine Learning Research, vol. 20 (2019), pp. 1-30


We present a new algorithm for domain adaptation improving upon a discrepancy minimization algorithm, (DM), previously shown to outperform a number of algorithms for this problem. Unlike many previously proposed solutions for domain adaptation, our algorithm does not consist of a fixed reweighting of the losses over the training sample. Instead, the reweighting depends on the hypothesis sought. The algorithm is derived from a less conservative notion of discrepancy than the DM algorithm called generalized discrepancy. We present a detailed description of our algorithm and show that it can be formulated as a convex optimization problem. We also give a detailed theoretical analysis of its learning guarantees which helps us select its parameters. Finally, we report the results of experiments demonstrating that it improves upon discrepancy minimization.

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