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Accurate Online Power Estimation and Automatic Battery Behavior Based Power Model Generation for Smartphones

Lide Zhang
Birjodh Tiwana
Zhiyun Qian
Zhaoguang Wang
Robert P. Dick
Z. Morley Mao
Lei Yang
Proceeding of Internation Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis (2010), pp. 105-114


This paper describes PowerBooter, an automated power model construction technique that uses built-in battery voltage sensors and knowledge of battery discharge behavior to monitor power consumption while explicitly controlling the power management and activity states of individual components. It requires no external measurement equipment. We also describe PowerTutor, a component power management and activity state introspection based tool that uses the model generated by PowerBooter for online power estimation. PowerBooter is intended to make it quick and easy for application developers and end users to generate power models for new smartphone variants, which each have different power consumption properties and therefore require di fferent power models. PowerTutor is intended to ease the design and selection of power efficient software for embedded systems. Combined, PowerBooter and PowerTutor have the goal of opening power modeling and analysis for more smartphone variants and their users.