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A Human-ML Collaboration Framework for Improving Video Content Reviews

Alex Beutel
Alex Koes
Jilin Chen
Meghana Deodhar
Yixin Cai
ACM CIKM 2022 Workshop Human-in-the-Loop Data Curation (2022)


We deal with the problem of localized in-video taxonomic human annotation in the video content moderation domain, where the goal is to identify video segments that violate granular policies, e.g., community guidelines on an online video platform. High quality human labeling is critical for enforcement in content moderation. This is challenging due to the problem of information overload - raters need to apply a large taxonomy of granular policy violations with ambiguous definitions, within a limited review duration to relatively long videos. Our key contribution is a novel human-machine learning (ML) collaboration framework aimed at maximizing the quality and efficiency of human decisions in this setting - human labels are used to train segment-level models, the predictions of which are displayed as "hints" to human raters, indicating probable regions of the video with specific policy violations. The human verified/corrected segment labels can help refine the model further, hence creating a human-ML positive feedback loop. Experiments show improved human video moderation decision quality, and efficiency through more granular annotations submitted within a similar review duration, which enable a 5-8% AUC improvement in the hint generation models.