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A General Purpose Transpiler for Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Shruthi Gorantala
Rob Springer
Sean Purser-Haskell
Asra Ali
Eric P. Astor
Itai Zukerman
Sam Ruth
Phillipp Schoppmann
Sasha Kulankhina
Alain Forget
David Marn
Cameron Tew
Rafael Misoczki
Bernat Guillen
Xinyu Ye
Damien Desfontaines
Aishe Krishnamurthy
Miguel Guevara
Yurii Sushko
Google LLC (2021)


Fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) is an encryption scheme which enables computation on encrypted data without revealing the underlying data. While there have been many advances in the field of FHE, developing programs using FHE still requires expertise in cryptography. In this white paper, we present a fully homomorphic encryption transpiler that allows developers to convert high-level code (e.g., C++) that works on unencrypted data into high-level code that operates on encrypted data. Thus, our transpiler makes transformations possible on encrypted data. Our transpiler builds on Google's open-source XLS SDK (https://github.com/google/xls) and uses an off-the-shelf FHE library, TFHE (https://tfhe.github.io/tfhe/), to perform low-level FHE operations. The transpiler design is modular, which means the underlying FHE library as well as the high-level input and output languages can vary. This modularity will help accelerate FHE research by providing an easy way to compare arbitrary programs in different FHE schemes side-by-side. We hope this lays the groundwork for eventual easy adoption of FHE by software developers. As a proof-of-concept, we are releasing an experimental transpiler (https://github.com/google/fully-homomorphic-encryption/tree/main/transpiler) as open-source software.