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Russ Cox

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    Surviving Software Dependencies
    Communications of the ACM, vol. 62(9) (2019), pp. 36-43
    Preview abstract Software reuse is finally here but comes with risks. View details
    Fast, Inexpensive Content-Addressed Storage in Foundastion
    Sean Rhea
    Alex Pesterev
    Proceedings of the 2008 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
    Xoc, an Extension-Oriented Compiler for Systems Programming
    Tom Bergan
    Austin Clements
    Frans Kaashoek
    Eddie Kohler
    Proceedings of ASPLOS 2008
    Vx32: Lightweight, User-level Sandboxing on the x86
    Bryan Ford
    Proceedings of the 2008 USENIX Annual Technical Conference
    Vivaldi: a decentralized network coordinate system
    M. Frans Kaashoek
    Robert Morris
    SIGCOMM (2004), pp. 15-26
    Practical, distributed network coordinates
    M. Frans Kaashoek
    Jinyang Li
    Robert Morris
    Computer Communication Review, vol. 34 (2004), pp. 113-118
    File Synchronization with Vector Time Pairs
    William Josephson
    MIT LCS (2004)
    Security in Plan 9
    Eric Grosse
    Rob Pike
    David L. Presotto
    USENIX Security Symposium (2002), pp. 3-16
    Serving DNS Using a Peer-to-Peer Lookup Service
    Athicha Muthitacharoen
    Robert Morris
    IPTPS (2002), pp. 155-165