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Javier Tordable

Javier Tordable

Javier Tordable graduated from the University of Valladolid, Spain with degrees in Computer Science (Ingeniero Superior en Informática) and Mathematics (Licenciado en Matemáticas). He joined Google in 2008 and works currently in Google Seattle.
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    Mathematics at Google
    Google, Inc. (2012), pp. 52
    Preview abstract There is a wide variety of Mathematics used at Google. For example Linear Algebra in the PageRank algorithm, used to rank web pages in search results. Or Game Theory, used in ad auctions, or Graph Theory in Google Maps. At Google there are literally dozens of products which use interesting Mathematics. These are not just research prototypes, but real Google products; in which Mathematics play a crucial role. In this presentation, I introduce several applications of Mathematics at Google. I begin with a detailed explanation of search on the web and PageRank. Then I show a dozen examples of Google products and the corresponding Mathematics that are used. The presentation has an extensive list of links and references. And it's available in English and Spanish. View details
    Preview abstract Integer factorization is a very hard computational problem. Currently no efficient algorithm for integer factorization is publicly known. However, this is an important problem on which it relies the security of many real world cryptographic systems. I present an implementation of a fast factorization algorithm on MapReduce. MapReduce is a programming model for high performance applications developed originally at Google. The quadratic sieve algorithm is split into the different MapReduce phases and compared against a standard implementation. View details
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