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Harshad Deshmukh

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    CliqueMap: Productionizing an RMA-Based Distributed Caching System
    Aditya Akella
    Amanda Strominger
    Arjun Singhvi
    Maggie Anderson
    Rob Cauble
    Thomas F. Wenisch
    SIGCOMM 2021 (2021) (to appear)
    Preview abstract Distributed caching is a key component in the design of performant, scalable Internet services, but accessing such caches via RPC incurs high cost. Remote Memory Access (RMA) offers a promising, less costly alternative, but achieving a rich production feature set with RMA-based systems is a significant challenge, as the rich abstraction of RPC lends itself to solutions for interoperability and upgradeability requirements of real systems. This work describes CliqueMap, a fully productionized RMA/RPC hybrid serving and caching system, and the production experience derived from three years of operation in Google’s datacenters. Building on internal technologies, CliqueMap serves multiple internal product areas and underlies several end-user-visible services. View details
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