This year's scalability conference

February 11, 2008

Posted by Andrew Schwerin, Software Engineer

Managing huge repositories of data and large clusters of machines is no easy task -- and building systems that use those clusters to usefully process that data is even harder. Last year, we held a conference on scalable systems so a bunch of people who work on these challenges could get together and share ideas. Well, it was so much fun that we've decided to do it again.

This year, the conference is taking place in Seattle on Saturday, June 14. (Registration is free.) If you'd like to talk about a topic on scalable or large-scale systems that is near and dear to your heart, we'd love to hear from you. Potential topics include:

Development, deployment and production:
  • Systems, environments and languages for building, deploying and debugging complex datacenter-scale apps, or for allowing teams of collaborating engineers to work together on such apps more effectively
Mobile applications:
  • Unique challenges of scaling services for mobile devices
  • Location-aware scaling techniques
  • Experiences designing scalable apps involving mobile devices
Of course, you've probably got more ideas. Send a 500-word abstract of your 30-minute presentation to no later than Friday, April 11, and we'll post registration details in the next couple of months.