Teach Yourself Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Udacity

January 21, 2016

Posted by Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Research Scientist

Deep learning has become one of the hottest topics in machine learning in recent years. With TensorFlow, the deep learning platform that we recently released as an open-source project, our goal was to bring the capabilities of deep learning to everyone. So far, we are extremely excited by the uptake: more than 4000 users have forked it on GitHub in just a few weeks, and the project has been starred more than 16000 times by enthusiasts around the globe.

To help make deep learning even more accessible to engineers and data scientists at large, we are launching a new Deep Learning Course developed in collaboration with Udacity. This short, intensive course provides you with all the basic tools and vocabulary to get started with deep learning, and walks you through how to use it to address some of the most common machine learning problems. It is also accompanied by interactive TensorFlow notebooks that directly mirror and implement the concepts introduced in the lectures.
The course consists of four lectures which provide a tour of the main building blocks that are used to solve problems ranging from image recognition to text analysis. The first lecture focuses on the basics that will be familiar to those already versed in machine learning: setting up your data and experimental protocol, and training simple classification models. The second lecture builds on these fundamentals to explore how these simple models can be made deeper, and more powerful, and explores all the scalability problems that come with that, in particular regularization and hyperparameter tuning. The third lecture is all about convolutional networks and image recognition. The fourth and final lecture explore models for text and sequences in general, with embeddings and recurrent neural networks. By the end of the course, you will have implemented and trained this variety of models on your own machine and will be ready to transfer that knowledge to solve your own problems!

Our overall goal in designing this course was to provide the machine learning enthusiast a rapid and direct path to solving real and interesting problems with deep learning techniques, and we're now very excited to share what we've built! It has been a lot of fun putting together with the fantastic team of experts in online course design and production at Udacity. For more details, see the Udacity blog post, and register for the course. We hope you enjoy it!