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Introducing Google AI

May 7, 2018

Posted by Christian Howard, Editor-in-Chief, Google AI Communications

Hmm, have I made a wrong turn? I was looking for Google Research…

For the past several years, we’ve pursued research that reflects our commitment to make AI available for everyone. From computer vision to healthcare research to AutoML, we have increasingly put emphasis on implementing machine learning techniques in nearly everything we do at Google. Our research has been core to the development and integration of these systems into Google products and platforms.
To better reflect this commitment, we’re unifying our efforts under “Google AI”, which encompasses all the state-of-the-art research happening across Google. As part of this, we have expanded the Google AI website, and are renaming our existing Google Research channels, including this blog and the affiliated Twitter and Google+ channels, to Google AI. And if you’re looking for information that existed on research.google.com or the affiliated social channels, don’t fret, it’s all still there. Any links to previous Google Research website content, blog posts or tweets will redirect appropriately.

The Google AI channels will continue to showcase the breadth of Google research, innovation and publications, in addition to a lot more new and exciting content to come. We encourage you to explore! We look forward to continuing to bring you the latest updates and results from Google, in AI and across many other areas of research.