Google Research Awards: Winter, 2013

February 22, 2013

Posted by Maggie Johnson, Director of Education & University Relations

Another round of the Google Research Awards has just been completed. This is our bi-annual open call for proposals on a variety of computer science-related topics, including systems, machine perception, natural language processing, security and many others. Our grants cover tuition and travel for a graduate student and provides faculty and students the opportunity to work directly with Google scientists and engineers.

This round, we received almost 600 proposals from 46 different countries. After expert reviews and committee discussions, we decided to fund 102 projects. The subject areas that received the highest level of support were human-computer interaction, machine learning, and mobile. In addition, 22% of the funding was awarded to universities outside the U.S.

Google’s University Relations funding falls into three categories. The first is the Google Research Award program which funds new faculty and innovative projects, or helps faculty get a new research program off the ground. We fund over 200 projects annually through this program. We feel this is a great way for Google to support a large number of faculty and projects, and it helps us keep a pulse on what’s going on in academic computer science research.

The second category of funding goes toward more focused, longer-term projects, where we collaborate closely on projects of mutual interest. Our PhD Fellowship program is also a part of our focused program strategy. The third category goes toward new programs and initiatives, and to the development of research and education in emerging countries.

Congratulations to the well-deserving recipients of this round’s awards. If you are interested in applying for the next round (deadline is April 15), please visit our website for more information.