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Announcing the 2015 Google European Doctoral Fellows

June 5, 2015

Posted by David Harper, University Relations and Beate List, Research Programs

In 2009, Google created the PhD Fellowship program to recognize and support outstanding graduate students doing exceptional work in Computer Science and related disciplines. The following year, we launched the program in Europe as the Google European Doctoral Fellowship program. Alumni of the European program occupy a variety of positions including faculty positions (Ofer Meshi, Cynthia Liem), academic research positions (Roland Angst, Carola Doerr née Winzen) and positions in industry (Yair Adato, Peter Hosek, Neil Houlsby).

Reflecting our continuing commitment to building strong relations with the European academic community, we are delighted to announce the 2015 Google European Doctoral Fellows. The following fifteen fellowship recipients were selected from an outstanding set of PhD students nominated by our partner universities:

  • Heike Adel, Fellowship in Natural Language Processing (University of Munich)
  • Thang Bui, Fellowship in Speech Technology (University of Cambridge)
  • Victoria Caparrós Cabezas, Fellowship in Distributed Systems (ETH Zurich)
  • Nadav Cohen, Fellowship in Machine Learning (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Josip Djolonga, Fellowship in Probabilistic Inference (ETH Zurich)
  • Jakob Julian Engel, Fellowship in Computer Vision (Technische Universität München)
  • Nikola Gvozdiev, Fellowship in Computer Networking (University College London)
  • Felix Hill, Fellowship in Language Understanding (University of Cambridge)
  • Durk Kingma, Fellowship in Deep Learning (University of Amsterdam)
  • Massimo Nicosia, Fellowship in Statistical Natural Language Processing (University of Trento)
  • George Prekas, Fellowship in Operating Systems (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Roman Prutkin, Fellowship in Graph Algorithms (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  • Siva Reddy, Fellowship in Multilingual Semantic Parsing (The University of Edinburgh)
  • Immanuel Trummer, Fellowship in Structured Data Analysis (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Margarita Vald, Fellowship in Security (Tel Aviv University)

This group of students represent the next generation of researchers who will endeavor to solve some of the most interesting challenges in Computer Science. We offer our congratulations, and look forward to their future contributions to the research community with high expectation.