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Our mission is to empower every enterprise to transform their business with AI.

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The mission of the Cloud AI research team is to develop and provide state-of-the-art AI tools, putting the latest machine learning technologies to work for our customers. With its ability to handle compute and data analytics at any scale, Google Cloud computing accelerates the capabilities of machine learning at an unprecedented level. This provides a unique research environment that allows our team to work on the world’s most technical interdisciplinary challenges. Our research thrusts are human-centric, and our goal is to accelerate basic science AI research and strengthen what we can do for enterprise and industry customers through AI and Google Cloud. The Cloud AI research team aims to allow these resources to be leveraged by the greater scientific community, fostering a collaborative research environment which will advance multiple disciplines though the application of machine learning. The Cloud AI team serves as the bridge between the enterprise world and AI innovations. It brings impactful problems/insights from enterprise for researchers to innovate and democratize intelligent technologies like these to customers outside of Google. Our teams collaborate frequently on topics of shared interest.

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