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Trust & Safety Research Awards


Google is committed to supporting innovative research and professors working to create positive societal impact with technology. In 2023, Google provided unrestricted grants to support research efforts across areas of interest related to Trust & Safety in technology. We welcomed proposals from across disciplines, including but not limited to Computer Science, Legal Studies, Public Policy, Social Sciences, Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, etc.

Previous years

2023 award recipients

  • “The Bulgarian Disinformation Landscape: National Context and Minority Disinformation Mapping”: Sylvia Ilieva and Keith P. Kiely, Sofia University, Bulgaria

  • “Chatbots as Honeypots: Using LLMs to Understand Digital Fraudster Behavior”
    Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick and Stefan Savage, University of California San Diego, USA

  • “Combating Online Child Sexual Exploitation in End-to-End-Encrypted Messengers: Designing Warning and Reporting Tools with and for Children and Teens”: Katharina Krombholz, CISPA, Germany

  • “Cross-Cultural Analysis of Online Grooming Dynamics: Investigating the Influence of Gender and Age on Offenders' Tactics and Victim Responses”: Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar, Purdue University, USA, and Virginia Soldino Garmendia, Universitat de València, Spain

  • “Enhancing Digital Trust: Tailored Financial Fraud Defense for Older Adults”: Hazel Murray, Munster Technological University, Ireland, and Sanchari Das, University of Denver, USA

  • “‘Leveling the Field’ – Clarifying the notion of illegal content under the EU’s Digital Services Act”: Kolis Summerer, Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, Italy, and Matteo Leonida Mattheudakis, University of Bologna, Italy

  • “Misinformation about Migrants: A Parallel Study of US and EU Misinformation Patterns”: Mai ElSherief, Northeastern University, USA, and Kristen Vaccaro, University of California San Diego, USA

  • “Moderation and Trusted Flaggers of Crime and Hate: Challenges for Smaller European Countries”, Jakob Demant, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • “Private and Public Sector Stakeholder Perspectives on the EU AI Act”: Josephine Wolff, Tufts University, USA