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Joint Ambiguity and Migration Mitigation for Enhanced High-Speed Moving Target Detection

IEEE vehicular technology conference 2022 (2022)


In this paper, a simple Doppler-range processing (DRP) algorithm was first presented to mitigate two well-known problems encountered in high-speed moving target detection using automotive radar, i.e., range/Doppler migration and velocity ambiguity. DRP algorithm can achieve full range and velocity resolutions, as well as attaining coherent integration gains, while requiring a computational complexity comparable to that of the conventional range-Doppler processing (RDP) approach. Moreover, it can also automatically resolve the velocity ambiguity problems. We then introduce a data-adaptive spotlighting (DAS) algorithm to detect weak targets buried by shadow sidelobes of nearby strong targets with folded velocities. The effectiveness of the proposed algorithms are demonstrated by numerical examples.

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