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Improved Inapproximability of VC Dimension and Littlestone’s Dimension via (Unbalanced) Biclique

ITCS 2023 (to appear)


We study the complexity of computing (and approximating) VC Dimension and Littlestone's Dimension when we are given the concept class explicitly. We give a simple reduction from Maximum (Unbalanced) Biclique problem to approximating VC Dimension and Littlestone's Dimension. With this connection, we derive a range of hardness of approximation results and running time lower bounds. For example, under the (randomized) Gap-Exponential Time Hypothesis or the Strongish Planted Clique Hypothesis, we show a tight inapproximability result: both dimensions are hard to approximate to within a factor of o(log n) in polynomial-time. These improve upon constant-factor inapproximability results from [Manurangsi and Rubinstein, COLT 2017].

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