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Deluca -- A Differentiable Control Library: Environments, Methods, and Benchmarking

Differentiable computer vision, graphics, and physics in machine learning workshop at Neurips 2020 (2020) (to appear)


We present an open-source library of natively differentiable physics and robotics environments, accompanied by gradient-based control methods and a benchmarking suite. The introduced environments allow auto-differentiation through the simulation dynamics, and thereby permit fast training of controllers. The library features several popular environments, including classical control settings from OpenAI Gym \cite{brockman2016openai}. We also provide a novel differentiable environment, based on deep neural networks, that simulates medical ventilation.

We give several use-cases of new scientific results obtained using the library. This includes a medical ventilator simulator and controller, an adaptive control method for time-varying linear dynamical systems, and new gradient-based methods for control of linear dynamical systems with adversarial perturbations.

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