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Complementary-label learning for arbitrary losses and models

  • Takashi Ishida
  • Gang Niu
  • Aditya Krishna Menon
  • Masashi Sugiyama
International Conference on Machine Learning (2019)


In contrast to the standard classification paradigm where the true (or possibly noisy) class is given to each training pattern, complementarylabel learning only uses training patterns each equipped with a complementary label. This only specifies one of the classes that the pattern does not belong to. The seminal paper on complementary-label learning proposed an unbiased estimator of the classification risk that can be computed only from complementarily labeled data. However, it required a restrictive condition on the loss functions, making it impossible to use popular losses such as the softmax cross-entropy loss. Recently, another formulation with the softmax cross-entropy loss was proposed with consistency guarantee. However, this formulation does not explicitly involve a risk estimator. Thus model/hyper-parameter selection is not possible by cross-validation—we may need additional ordinarily labeled data for validation purposes, which is not available in the current setup. In this paper, we give a novel general framework of complementary-label learning, and derive an unbiased risk estimator for arbitrary losses and models. We further improve the risk estimator by non-negative correction and demonstrate its superiority through experiments.

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