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Tone Transfer: In-Browser Interactive Neural Audio Synthesis (2021) (to appear)


Tone Transfer lets you transform everyday sounds into musical instruments. Record and upload audio directly into the browser and hear our machine learning models re-render it into saxophones, flutes and more! Don’t fancy singing? Play around with a curated set of samples that will get your creative juices flowing!

Tone Transfer was born from a year-long collaboration between two teams within Google Research: Magenta and AIUX. AI Researchers, UX engineers and designers worked together to create an experience that opens up the magic of audio machine learning to a wider audience; from musicians to non-coders alike. Tone Transfer is built on a technology Magenta open-sourced earlier this year called Differentiable Digital Signal Processing or DDSP. At first, Magenta’s only demo was a technical colab notebook intended for folks with coding backgrounds. Through many iterations of design explorations and user research, the AIUX team developed and refined an experience that makes DDSP’s sound transformation approachable for everyone and more fun than ever to play with!

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