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Faster Time to Insights using Automated Tools

  • Ram Seshadri


Title: Faster Time to Insights using Automated Data Visualization and Machine Learning Data Scientists today grapple with two problems: 1. Big Data 2. Bewildering Choice. Big Data enables data scientists to analyze more of what's available, but they can't visualize it or explain it so easily. In addition, there is a bewildering array of tools available which means substantial work with steep learning curves to master each one of them. The solution is automation: automate what's mundane so we can focus on the most important. Here I will describe what's available in terms of Open Source and Proprietary tools for automating Data Science tasks and introduce 2 new tools: one to visualize any sized data set with one click, another: to try multiple ML models and techniques with a single call. I will provide the Github Repos for both for free in the talk and workshop.

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