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Identifying Challenges and Opportunities in Human–AI Collaboration in Healthcare

  • Sun Young Park
  • Pei-Yi Kuo
  • Andrea Barbarin
  • Elizabeth Kaziunas
  • Astrid Chow
  • Karandeep Singh
  • Lauren Wilcox
  • Walter Lasecki
Companion of the 2019 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, ACM (2019)


The proposed ACM CSCW workshop will bring together researchers in CSCW, HCI, AI, and the social sciences, with practitioners, clinicians, and relevant stakeholders in healthcare. Our goal is to identify research questions that will enable the field to uncover the types of work, labor relations, and social impacts that should be considered when designing AI-based healthcare technology.

Specifically, we will consider the human experience of AI health technologies by exploring the following themes: 1) New Roles/Work Created by AI/Automation Technology in Healthcare, and 2) Trust in Light of Shifting Healthcare Workflows. The workshop aims to outline key challenges, guidelines, and future agendas for the field, and provide collaboration opportunities for CSCW researchers, social scientists, healthcare providers, and AI researchers, to share their perspectives and envision socio-technical approaches to tackle timely issues related to AI and automation in healthcare work.

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