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Building Successful SRE in Large Enterprises—One Year Later

SRECon Americas 2018 (2018)


At SRECon2017 I talked about the formation of a special group of Google SREs who go into the world and teach enterprise customers—via actual production systems—how to "do SRE" in their orgs. It was new when I presented it. It's one year later and we have a lot of interesting data about how it's going. Some things that we thought would be hard, weren't. Others were nigh on impossible. We've written many postmortems and learned a bunch of lessons you can only learn the hard way.

Things you can expect to learn:

Why it's easier to bootstrap SRE in a large traditional enterprise than a cloud native! Things enterprises assume are true, but aren't. All the things we should have known better, but still learned the hard way—and how you can avoid them when bootstrapping SRE in your culture (or your customers' cultures)

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