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Learning to Attack: Adversarial Transformation Networks

Proceedings of AAAI-2018, AAAI (to appear)


With the rapidly increasing popularity of deep neural networks for image recognition tasks, a parallel interest in generating adversarial examples to attack the trained models has arisen. To date, these approaches have involved either directly computing gradients with respect to the image pixels or directly solving an optimization on the image pixels. We generalize this pursuit in a novel direction: can a separate network be trained to efficiently attack another fully trained network? We demonstrate that it is possible, and that the generated attacks yield startling insights into the weaknesses of the target network. We call such a network an Adversarial Transformation Network (ATN). ATNs transform any input into an adversarial attack on the target network, while being minimally perturbing to the original inputs and the target network’s outputs. Further, we show that ATNs are capable of not only causing the target network to make an error, but can be constructed to explicitly control the type of misclassification made. We demonstrate ATNs on both simple MNIST digit classifiers and state-of-the-art ImageNet classifiers deployed by Google, Inc.: Inception ResNet-v2.

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