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RSSAC024 - Key Technical Elements of Potential Root Operators

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) (2016)


In this document the RSSAC defines key technical elements of potential new root operators that would be a critical part of any potential root server operator designation process. RSSAC001 (“Service Expectations of Root Servers”) and RFC 7720 (“DNS Root Name Service Protocol and Deployment Requirements”) are considered as starting points; alone, they are insufficient to evaluate potential operators. Non-technical aspects, such as trustworthiness, ethos, funding, business models, openness, community participation and politics are out of scope for this document. The RSSAC believes these non-technical aspects to be important, and although this document does not address them, we expect them to be part of the overall evaluation. The elements defined in this document are designed to be: • Technical in nature • As specific as possible • Provable, documentable, and/or measurable

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