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Multi-Armed Recommendation Bandits for Selecting State Machine Policies for Robotic Systems

Proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2013)


We investigate the problem of selecting a state-machine from a library to control a robot. We are particularly interested in this problem when evaluating such state machines on a particular robotics task is expensive. As a motivating example, we consider a problem where a simulated vacuuming robot must select a driving state machine well-suited for a particular (unknown) room layout. By borrowing concepts from collaborative filtering (recommender systems such as Netflix and, we present a multi-armed bandit formulation that incorporates recommendation techniques to efficiently select state machines for individual room layouts. We show that this formulation outperforms the individual approaches (recommendation, multi-armed bandits) as well as the baseline of selecting the `average best' state machine across all rooms.

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