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Latent Collaborative Retrieval

  • Jason Weston
  • Chong Wang
  • Ron Weiss
  • Adam Berenzweig
International Conference on Machine Learning (2012)


Retrieval tasks typically require a ranking of items given a query. Collaborative filtering tasks, on the other hand, learn models comparing users with items. In this paper we study the joint problem of recommending items to a user with respect to a given query, which is a surprisingly common task. This setup differs from the standard collaborative filtering one in that we are given a query × user × item tensor for training instead of the more traditional user × item matrix. Compared to document retrieval we do have a query, but we may or may not have content features (we will consider both cases) and we can also take account of the user’s profile. We introduce a factorized model for this new task that optimizes the top ranked items returned for the given query and user. We report empirical results where it outperforms several baselines.

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