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Large Scale Visual Semantic Extraction

  • Samy Bengio
Frontiers of Engineering - Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2011 Symposium, The National Academies Press, Washington, D.C. (2012), pp. 61-68


Image annotation is the task of providing textual semantic to new images, by ranking a large set of possible annotations according to how they correspond to a given image. In the large scale setting, there could be millions of images to process and hundreds of thousands of potential distinct annotations. In order to achieve such a task we propose to build a so-called "embedding space", into which both images and annotations can be automatically projected. In such a space, one can then find the nearest annotations to a given image, or annotations similar to a given annotation. One can even build a visio-semantic tree from these annotations, that corresponds to how concepts (annotations) are similar to each other with respect to their visual characteristics. Such a tree will be different from semantic-only trees, such as WordNet, which do not take into account the visual appearance of concepts.

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